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​​Jessica Lardinais 

Our Story

We all have a story to tell.

This story starts when a cardboard box marked, "Corporate Life" was packed, taped and placed into storage. It contained all kinds of company tchotchkes, awards, yearly evaluation forms, team photos taken during annual planning meetings and post-it notes covered in ideas for customers.

With the company's decision to downsize came an opportunity to create a life outside of that box. Twenty years prior, that might have included backpacking through Europe, laying on Australian beaches and hanging around with rock bands.

But, alas...been there, done that.

Soon, photos of chaperoned school activities to the Agricultural Fair and family meals made from celebrity chef recipes replaced late night social media check-ins at major airports.           

But there is a certain thrill in helping people transform the big ideas swimming around in their minds into tangible products
and services.  

So, a new story began and JeLa Consulting penned the first chapter. Since then, each new client has added their success stories and it has been quite a pager-tuner.

              Now it's time to tell your story...let's get started.